The range of writing equipment and books that a collector can choose from-

There are many sources of information on line and in the index sections of good reference books. Some of the sites indicated in the Links also have lists of books for reading and the various Societies and clubs usually have archives and a wealth of literature for reference much of which can be copied for you at a trivial price.

SEE for example - National Archives, WESONLINE, Pen Collectors of America and others



BIBLIOGRAPHY extracted from Collecting Old Writing Equipment
General Writing Equipment Collecting
Western Writing Implements in the Age of the Quill pen - M Finlay ISBN 9780956271174
La Memoire des sergent major - L Van Cleem & J P Lacroux ISBN 2859567348
Pen Ink and Evidence - J Nickell ISBN 0813117194
Collecting Writing Instruments - D Geyer ISBN 0887402771
Writing Implements and Accessories - J Whalley ISBN 0715369032
Pens and Writing Equipment - J Marshall ISBN 184000066X
Objet d'ecriture - E Le Collen ISBN 2082002594
Writing Antiques - G Mell ISBN 9780852635193
Werkzeuge des geists - F Linscheid ISBN 3853784097
Victorian Pencils- Tools to Jewels - D Crosby ISBN 0764304135
The Pencil - H Petroski ISBN 0571161820
The KB Collection - K Bull ISBN 0954687566
Sampson Mordan - E Eldred (1986)
Foley's catalogue - J Marshall ISBN 9780956271136
The Catalogue of American Mechanical Pencils - J Veley ISBN 9780984038206
Collectable pencils - S Courtier, J Marshall, J Marshall ISBN 9780956271181
Writing accessories
7000 years of seals - D Collon ISBN 0714111430
John Sheldon - B George ISBN 9780956271105
Domestic metal work - R Gentle & R Field ISBN 1851491872
Pocket Knives - S Moore Shire Publication
The Sheffield Knife book - G Tweedale ISBN 1874718113
Writing Accessories - J Marshall ISBN 9780954630430
les Plume en ordre de batailles - JP Bellot, J Fleuret, B Robert ISBN -9782952187800
People, pens and Production - B Jones ISBN 9781858584942
The Story of Cutlery - J B Himsworth (1953)
British Cutlery - P Brown ISBN 0856675431
A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology - P Beal ISBN 9780199265442
The Story of Writing - D Jackson ISBN 0712620109
Writing - K Brookfield ISBN 0751360201
The History of Writing - S R Fischer CN 136481
A History of Calligraphy - A Gaur ISBN 0712303480
The Calligraphers handbook - C M Lamb SBN 571046606
Writing - G Jean ISBN 050030016X
Writing & Illuminating and Lettering - E Johnston (1906)
Handwriting Manual - A Fairbank -(1932)
Writing - L. Ormand ISBN 0112902820
Scribes and Illuminators - C de Hamel ISBN 0714120499
Encrier & Ecriture - F Podevin-Bauduin ISBN 2708502072
The Collectors World of Inkwells - J &F Hunting ISBN 0764311026
Inkwells : two Volumes - Veldon Badders ISBN 1574320203
Inkstands and Inkwells - B&T Rivera ISBN 0517504197
Ink bottles & Inkwells - W.E Covill Jnr (LoC no 72165308)
Doulton Ink Wares - C Roberts ISBN 0952054701
Collecting Inkwells - J Marshall ISBN 9780954630423
General Collecting
Christies Guide to Collecting - R Cumming ISBN 071488006X
To Have and To Hold - P Blom ISBN 158567561X
London Goldsmiths 1697-1837 - A Grimwade ISBN 0571105505
Treen - E Pinto ISBN 0713515333
The English as Collectors - F Herrmann ISBN 0719561442
The Cultures of Collecting - J Elsner & R Cardinal ISBN 0948462515
Lock Stock and Barrel -The story of collecting - D & E Rigby (1944)
Collecting in a Consumer Society - Russell Belk ISBN 0415258480